Orientation Friend Group Really Optimistic About Buying House Together Next Year

by Kim Rogers | photo credit

USC — After meeting at orientation and cementing their group in Pardee Tower freshman year, best friends forever Chelsea Lee, Samantha Park, Natalia Gomez and Olivia Hope feel really optimistic about their plans to rent a house together next year.

The girls remind skeptics that Gomez and Hope are already roommates, and they all live on the same floor, so they’re essentially living together already. They hope to get ahead of the game by looking for housing early since they already have their group locked in.

“I’ve still got to see if my parents are okay with me living off campus, or if I’m going to live in my sorority house, or if I’m joining the Peace Corps next semester, but it’s basically all set,” said Park.

The house comes on a long list of plans the girls have for their sophomore year, along with squad tee shirts, Wine and Waffle Wednesdays, and adopting a dog. None of the girls mentioned who would be responsible for the dog, but all were sure it would look adorable in a squad tee shirt.

“We’re already looking at this super cute place on 30th,” said Lee, the group alpha. “It’s across the street from campus, has a beautiful front yard, a huge kitchen, and great closets.”

Lee did not know the monthly rent, but felt confident it wouldn’t be anything unmanageable.

The girls cannot wait until next year: “Pardee floor three forever!”

By press time, three fourths of the girls had gotten spots in the village and dropped out.