‘Nose Still Missing’ Reports Baby

by Thomas Marshall

BRENTWOOD, CA — 2 year old Gabby Higgins reports that her nose, taken yesterday by her visiting uncle, is still missing.

“He just took it right off my face,” said Gabby, “he took it and held it in-between his fingers and even taunted me about it, saying, ‘I’ve got your nose. I’ve got your nose.’ It was traumatizing.”

Soon after Gabby’s uncle took her nose, he heard a knock on the door and left Gabby without returning her nose. The family sat down to dinner that night like everything was normal, and since then, Gabby’s uncle has not returned her nose, and no sightings of it have been reported.

Update: 5:38PM – Gabby’s father is now missing, disappearing behind his own hands during a game of Peekaboo. Gabby does not know where he is.

Update: 5:39PM – Okay, he’s back, all good.