SoundCloud Rapper From High School Dropping References To Hometown Like It’s Hot Sh*t

by Rachel Zubli

Publicizing on Snapchat that this will be his “big break,” a small-time SoundCloud rapper from your area just dropped his second music video entitled “We Out Here,” in which he repeatedly drops references to your hometown like it is hot shit.

The aspiring hip-hop artist and senior in high school who has a chemistry quiz Wednesday told the school newspaper that he wanted his latest song to be all about “his roots:” a subject that covers everything from his childhood to the charming and modest town of 4,500 people that the both of you hail from.

The music video begins with a generic rap beat and a tracking shot of the local playground. This is swiftly followed with an iMovie transition to the rapper and his lacrosse teammates in the parking lot of the local elementary school. Throughout the ensuing rapping, which was filmed on an iPhone 6s, the video cuts from shots of him spitting verses on a suburban road in front of his house, to him Juuling next to the statue of the town’s founder, to him raucously singing while whipping his mom’s Prius.

“I really grinded to make this new track and it definitely got tough at times. I do it for my followers though,” said the rapper. “I just feel so blessed to have so much support. None of this would be possible without my fans online,” he said, referring to his own Facebook page that has 34 likes and that you were irritatingly invited to follow. Despite his big dreams for his hip-hop career, the young artist is still awaiting responses from the colleges he applied to back in the fall.