Is Your Water Expired?

by Chris Dennis

Water is the one thing seemingly everyone wants to get their hands (and mouths) on. But with any health fad, a level of safety and precaution is required.

Take a closer look at your everyday water bottle and you might be surprised to see an expiration date. Unfortunately, as any consumer of processed goods knows, expiry dates are not always that trustworthy.

Lucky for you, I have some secret tips and tricks that will help you wade through the uncertainties of expired water!

Your water is probably expired if:

  • It’s foggy or cloudy.
  • It has a scent.
  • It’s chunky or completely solidified.
  • It has a slimy texture.
  • It has moved to the outside of the bottle.
  • It is moving.
  • It doesn’t respond to its name.
  • Fish or dogs are found amongst it.
  • Vultures are circling it.
  • A colony of sea monkeys swim around in it.
  • You cannot hear the ocean when you listen to it.
  • It whispers in tongues.
  • It is dry.
  • The expiration date has passed.

Now you know all there is to know about water and water safety. Constantly be on the lookout for these clues within your water bottles before consumption. Just remember water can sometimes be a matter of life and death so always be cautious.

Stay hydrated. Stay Safe.