Staff Picks: Highly Recommended Fall Courses

by Staff

With school right around the corner students are frantically searching for guidance on which courses to take; to help, the Sack of Troy staff has put together their expertise and assembled the following list of highly-recommended courses to take next semester for your educational pleasure and personal growth.

ACAD-185: Just Meet Dr. Dre

ACCT-145: Intermediate Accounting Concepts for Gentiles

ARLT-100: Ferguson-licious-Definition-Make-Them-Minorities-Go-Loco: Race, Class, And Pop Music

BIO-210: You Can Tell Everyone You’re Pre-Med Now

BUAD-304: Assorted Group Projects

CULT-210: Identity Diaspora: The Feminine Mystique, Heritage, and Other Liberal Arts BS

COMM-320: Gossip Girl Gossip, Girl

COMM-335: Turn Back, There Be No Jobs This Way

CTCS-118: Teaching Yourself to Like Wes Anderson

CTCS-210: Referring to Directors by their First Names

CTPR-225: Practicum On The Money Shot (required course for the Adult Film Studies minor)

DENT-501: Intro To Hygienic Guilt-Tripping

ENSC-404: 10 Minute Showers

GERO-340: Defining That Old Person Smell

HIST-300: Jet Fuel Can’t Melt Steel Beams

HPSTR-130: Pretension in the 21st Century

IR-356: Finding Waldo

JOUR-227: 16 Reasons Why Clickbait Journalism is the Actual Worst

MUSC-231: Open Guitar Chords for Tools

MUSC-300: Ambient Ensemble: Elevator Music In The Post-War Era

MUSC-450: Perspectives On EDM: White Noise for White People

PHED-208: Intermediate Bird Watching (Pre-Req Course for PHED-209)

PHED-209: Advanced Bird Watching

PHIL-103: Applying a Philosophy Degree to the Real World (Required text: Starbucks Application for Employment)

PSYC-320: Low Self Esteem: Getting Away With It