Questions for the 2015 USC Presidential Debate

by Staff

Yesterday, USG invited the USC community to suggest topics for tonight’s debate. Here are the Sack of Troy’s top picks:

Why does every candidate come from Greek life?

Why do we only hear about USG during election season? Is it because nothing gets done or because those elected are too humble?

How much money in student activity fees goes towards Trousdale decorations?

How will you encourage student activism beyond unattended round table events?

Where will the money for your initiatives come from? If the accepted policy depends entirely on administration, shouldn’t they just pick a candidate?

USG budgets have increased over the last two years, but student satisfaction has not. Why do you think that is?

There are a significant number of students at USC who don’t like the culture and transfer to other schools. Why do you think that is and what would you do to change it?