USC Trustees Compete in SChampagne Bucket Challenge

by Staff

In USC’s latest fundraising effort is an adaptation of the viral ALS Ice Bucket Challenge, which, as of today, has taken over more than 85%. 

Last week, President Nikias kicked off the fundraising event by having his assistants dump a silver vessel of ice-cold Clos du Valchagnac ‘83 over his head.  

As his signature white USC baseball cap dripped with sparkling wine, Nikias nominated three of USC’s trustees for the SChampagne Bucket Challenge.  The trio were all principal donors for the construction of dormitories on campus, including heiress Cecele Birnkrant, construction mogul J. Douglas Pardee, and the famous Texas oil tycoon Marion B. New/North.

The nominees had 48 hours to complete the SChampagne Bucket Challenge or donate $100,000 for the construction of a large fountain in the shape of the letters “USC.”  University officials did not have renderings of the fountain, but mentioned that the water will be dyed Cardinal and Gold, pumped from the same reservoirs that keep all of USC’s 30+ current fountains running year round. 

“After all,” explained Nikias, “no bottle is too precious, nor drought too severe, to slow our school spirit and cash flow.'”

One trustee of the university, Wally Sanklin, commented, “The SChampagne Bucket Challenge is one of moments when the Trojan Family truly comes together.  It feels great to avoid giving to such a good cause.” 


photo from central arkansas university