In Time For Latest Deftones Drop, USC Expands Lyft Zone to Include Fairfax Heaven by Marc Jacobs Store

By Audrey Serrano

LOS ANGELES, CA – The University of Southern California has announced its expansion of the free shared Lyft system to include the Fairfax Marc Jacobs Heaven Store in time for the latest Deftones drop. While previous Lyft boundaries have limited students to rides within only a two mile radius of campus, this updated system will serve USC by providing Marxist cosplayers first-dibs access to Marc Jacobs’ Spring 2023 collection.

“With students only having access to the Village Lululemon and Nike X USC Bookstore collab, the expansion of the shared Lyft model provides Trojans with the opportunity to keep up with the trend cycle,” said USC President Carol Folt. President Folt was then seen taking off her string of Tiffany pearls in exchange for the Heaven bear friendship necklace.

A Marc Jacobs subsidiary, Heaven has gained notoriety around campus as their baby tees have become part of the unofficial USC uniform for students who do not qualify for FAFSA money. The brand is known for their collaborations with alt-kid favorites Stray Rats and Doc Martens, and has worked with famous bands such as Dinosaur Jr. and the Cocteau Twins (Heaven allegedly has further plans to release a Trojan Marching Band inspired sweatshirt line as part of their Spring collection). With the updated Lyft model, students now have priority access to these pieces, along with The Grove, Walk of Fame, and the LACMA Instagram lights that are all now within Lyft distance.

As an expression of gratitude, Marc Jacobs has selected notable members of the USC community to participate in Heaven’s newest marketing endeavor. Their off duty models include Tommy Trojan, Kevin Feige, and that one guy who sits behind you in CTCS 150 whose dad has a Wikipedia page have all been announced as the latest additions to Heaven’s most recent creative campaign.