Stop Complaining, People! Marvel’s Probably Going to Retcon Stan Lee’s Death in a Couple of Months

by Alex Greenblatt

We saw this with Spider Man in 2011, we saw it with Karen Page in 1999, and it’s even gonna happen with the plethora of supers they killed in Avengers: Infinity War. So would you guys stop complaining? Stan Lee’s obviously coming back.

Stan Lee is so ingrained into the Marvel canon that they could not possibly kill him off in such an anti-climactic way. I mean, old age? Really? If it were in a fight with Galactus I might have believed it, but god dammit Marvel, you’re really setting up a retcon in the most obvious way.

People at Marvel are already posting their “best moments” with Stan Lee and “remembering his life.” One of the artists even claimed he was “crying all day.” Oh please, they’re just trying to convince us that, as my mom told me, “this time it’s not in a comic, it’s in real life.” Well I’ve got something to say to you shills at Marvel: I’m not falling for it!

I hear Marvel’s going to have a girl Stan Lee for a little while before they resurrect him. PC culture wins again!

Alex Greenblatt

Alex Greenblatt is an editor and contributor to the hit magazine, Sack of Troy. He is currently blocked from the Sack of Troy's twitter page #savealex

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