Relationship Reaches Milestone as Woman Forgets Own Creative Ambitions

by Kim Rogers

After one year of exclusive dating, Chelsea Sawyer and her boyfriend Marshall Brooks took their relationship to the next level Thursday night over a candlelit dinner at their local Maggiano’s Little Italy. Their partnership reached a significant milestone when Sawyer laid down her napkin, took her boyfriend’s hands, and told him she was finally ready to forget her own creative ambitions.

Sawyer, who has been playing the saxophone for eight years and was working on compiling a book of short stories, says she recognized it was time she set those passions aside.

“There comes a pivotal point in every relationship where a woman has to ask herself, do I really want to have interests for the rest of my life?” explained Sawyer, tossing her Moleskine into a nearby fireplace.

Brooks confessed he’d fantasized about Sawyer dropping her artistic aspirations since early in their relationship, but hadn’t wanted to rush into things.

“I’m just glad she decided to quit that jazz band on her own. Since I first saw that beautiful woman on the coffee house stage, I knew I wanted to strip her of the hobbies that bring her intellectual fulfillment,” said Brooks, giving Sawyer’s hand a romantic squeeze.

The couple’s old college friend Margaret Lu, the first of their friend group to smother her personality and settle down, was proud to see Sawyer and Brooks pushing their relationship forward.

“I’ve been telling Marshall forever, any woman would be lucky to gradually stop showing up to weekly community poetry slams for him,” Lu raved. “Since getting serious about their relationship, Chelsea’s been more boring than I’ve ever seen her. Goals.”

When asked where she sees their relationship in the next five years, Sawyer was optimistic:

“I don’t want to jinx anything, but I could definitely see myself losing my sense of humor next.”