Element Apartments: “We Just Need Five More Minutes”

by Sara Swearingen

HOOVER ST. — Three months past its original finish date, Element Apartments is still not ready. This week, the unfinished housing development made an announcement: “We just need five more minutes.”

“That’s what they said in August,” said would-be resident Sarah Shapson. “When my roommate asks for five more minutes in the bathroom, she doesn’t take three months.”

Students were told that the apartments would be ready in December, though some were able to start moving in earlier this week. However, when Shapson entered her new apartment, she was met by technicians installing the cabinets and doors.

“We just had to put on the finishing touches,” stated Element Housing manager Dan Jacobs. “We wanted to make sure to get the finer details just right, like paint stains on the hardwood and faucets that don’t work.”

Even though the building was allegedly a few minutes from completion, Element Housing told Shapson that they would get to installing the plumbing and walls tomorrow. Students are thrilled to have discounted rent until January, when they’ll begin paying full price for an unfinished pool, workout room, and restaurant.