Roski Student Gets Job

by Chad Lonski

USC — Sam Miller, a Roski School of Art and Design student studying Free Spirit Expressionism and Anti-Aggression Feminist Sculpture, has reportedly found a job. As an avid cosplay artist and lover of all things that disassociate him from the real world, Miller was able to land a three figure position as a cosplay artist for the exclusive firm, Disneyland Character Services.

To Roski staff, the acceptance of a job offer among students is a one in a million occurrence, a true first for the Roski school. Roski Professor and chair of pseudo-intellectual art theory, Elizabeth Campbell, expressed the irregularity of the news:

“We have always had students go on to do great things, like receive internships at local community art museums, or go on to display their work in the back-alley galleries of their friends, some even have the largest tents under the 110 freeway, but none have ever received any compensation for their services. This is simply amazing.”

Most art students will usually dabble in the field after graduation. Using their paper diplomas as shelter from the elements, they will create a few urban sculptures, or work on a co-op mural before giving up and joining the convenience store sector or working for “the man” in the advertising industry.

Miller’s parents are also pleased, having thought their investment in their child’s art school education would, at best, be a total loss. It has instead led to a forgettable success. In Miller’s eyes, the enjoyment of his work outweighs the cultural impact and economic benefit of the job, which makes him a figure to look up to.