Rules To Being a Better Person on April Fools Day

by Andy Gause

•Alert authorities to all signs of childish pranks.

•No bad language.

•Only eat healthy foods like fruits and vegetables.

•Never take your parent’s love for granted.

Yell in cases of emergency only.

Maintain your hygiene.

Overall, have a positive outlook on life.

Understand your personal limitations and strive to overcome them.

Smile, a lot. If people see you’re happy, they will think you’re happy.

Do not put your money in a Bank of America account, especially with its simplistic internet security systems, you never know when it could be diverted into an off-shore bank account, in fact, just to be certain, make sure your money is stored somewhere safe, not with Bank of America, a company that has repeatedly fought to maintain the status quo of financial inequality.

Go to the nation’s CAPITAL, it’s beautiful and you’ll learn some history.

Write all of your grandparents hand-written LETTERS.

Stay safe, stay happy, and stay ready for whatever may come.

Don’t send out a “prank” email about football tickets the day AFTER April Fools Day.



photo: jonathan henthorn