USC Students Gather for Pagan Sacrificial Pyre

by Thomas Marshall and Jack Hackett

USC–Last night, students gathered in Neo-Pagan tradition for a ceremonial sacrificial pyre. Neo-Paganism, also known as Modern Paganism, is a broad descriptor of contemporary religious practices and beliefs influenced by or derived from the various historical pagan beliefs of pre-modern Europe. Not all of the practitioners last night regard themselves as “Pagan,” they instead identify under the large banner of “Trojans” or even simply “Football-fans.”

The gathering was led by two spiritual priests of the “Special Events Committee” order, who were really just trying their best. During this event, the traditional saturnalia dancing of the USC “Song Girls” or “Wicca Enchantresses” was followed by the commemorative battle speech from our tribe of intoxicated warriors or “Footballers.”

Finally, following the ceremonial burning of an enemy in effigy as tribute to the gods of victory, the focus of the crowd turned back to hedonistic jubilee as dancing and music commenced into the night. All told, there is no way of knowing whether or not such ceremonies have any effect on future battle victories.