Controversy Over Whether Climate Change Event Actually Happened

by Kim Rogers

USC allegedly hosted “Know Tomorrow” last week, an event consisting of a variety of activities and programs designed to encourage students to take action against climate change. While most sources indicate that the event did, in fact, actually happen, controversy remains.

“No, I didn’t hear anything about that,” said freshman Amir Jenkles. As a biology major, Jenkles is basically a scientist. His lack of awareness about the event is, in the minds of many, an indication that it may not have happened at all.

Although 97% of the student body agrees that the climate change event exists, happened at USC, and that events like it continue to happen across the country, the remaining 3% are reluctant to agree. Therefore, there is no student consensus, and it is impossible to conclude one way or another at this time.

“Yeah, my roommate came back with a flyer about the benefits of renewable energy,” said junior Kip Prelshinki, “but I was like no way, man. If there was an event, how come I didn’t get a flyer?”

Remnants from the supposed event remain on Trousdale Parkway. However, these leftover signs, solar-powered machines, and vegan gluten-free health bar wrappers are being denied by many students as evidence that anything happened.

In response to an old Facebook event inviting over 2,000 users to “Know Tomorrow at USC,” event denier Rochelle Barnes claimed that “anyone could have made that. Facebook events are natural occurrences. It doesn’t mean there’s actually an event happening. ”

Regardless, it remains to be seen whether the alleged event will take place again in the future, or what the cause of the event may or may not have been.

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