Only Student to Show Up to Thursday Night Class on Game Day

by Jack Hackett and Thomas Marshall

A LONELY CLASSROOM–Colton Stock, a sophomore, made the unfortunate decision to schedule a thursday evening coding class, and subsequently attend it this game day.

“I was excited to finally have some individualized attention,” mentioned Stock, “but not even my professor showed up!”

Stock twiddled his thumbs for the next hour and a half, hoping someone else would show up, the TA or a lowly janitor.

No one did.

He died alone in that room. No one knew his name nor did anyone know enough of him to even  be forgotten. He strutted and fretted his few hours of life  in an offhand way, and finally shuffled off his mortal coil, as we all do in the face of the gentle indifference of this universe we inhabit.

There is no meaning, no reason, no purpose.

Time is a flat circle. All time is therefore decided and irredeemable. We are doomed to the choices and mistakes we haven’t made yet, and are powerless in the face of this.

Thus is Life.

Thus is Death.

Thus spake Colton Stock.

Datta. Dayadhvam. Damyata.

Shantih     shantih     shantih

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