Local Cuck Celebrated Valentine’s Day Watching Kenny G Rail Girlfriend

by Joey Rayburn

LOS ANGELES, CA – Yesterday, couples across the country celebrated their love with flowers, dinners, and meaningful words of affirmation. However, one couple enjoyed their relationship the only way they knew how: by letting renowned saxophonist Kenny G have sex with one of them while the other watched from the closet.

“Look, for a lot of couples, dinner and a movie is the way to go,” said Adam Sanchez, who is a proud cuck. “For Chelsea and me, there’s nothing more romantic than watching her and another man go at it like rabbits.”

Originally, Sanchez and Chelsea Davidson, his girlfriend of two years, had hired a stranger online to perform the role of “bull” in the cuckold. It was after seeing saxophonist Kenny G. perform in a room full of roses to Kim Kardashian at the behest of her husband, Kanye West, that Sanchez and Davidson thought of a different plan. “We saw what Kenneth did for Kanye and Kim and we wondered, ‘Do you think he’d do that for us,'” Davidson explained. To their surprise, Kenny G. accepted their offer.

While reporters were not allowed into the bedroom, the Sack of Troy can confirm that all parties considered the night a rousing success. “I’ve never felt closer to Chelsea than peeking through the slits of the closet door watching her and Kenny G. go to town,” Sanchez said.

Kenny G. also spoke positively about the experience. “I just love bringing people together, be it by music or by cuckolding,” revealed the saxophonist. “If this is how this couple wants to celebrate their love, then who am I to judge? Besides, it’s not any weirder than standing in a room full of roses playing saxophone for some rich millionaires.”