Fifth Member of Friend Group “Doesn’t Understand What’s So F*cking Funny”

by Seth Woodhouse

LOS ANGELES, CA, — College student Tom Davis has a problem with the new friend group that he became a part of last December. Davis frequently does not understand what his friends are laughing so goddamn hard about.

“They are, like, really cool dudes,” Davis explained. “But most of the time I don’t understand what the fuck they are laughing about.”

An example of Davis’ problem occurred last Thursday at Tanner Williams’ apartment. All five friends were smoking what appeared to be a marijuana cigarette and watching Buffy The Vampire Slayer when self-proclaimed comedian of the group Garrett Anderson yelled out “Paula Patton” with no context, causing three of the four other guys to start laughing uncontrollably and making incomprehensible gestures.

When Davis asked what they were referencing, Anderson responded, “Aw man, it’s before we met you. Ya know, you had to be there.”

“And this shit just happens over and over again,” Tom exclaimed. “Why can’t they just explain what’s so fucking funny?”

After finishing his interview, Tom took off saying that he had to get back to his friends so that he doesn’t miss another inside joke.