Texter Distracted by Man Watching Movie

by Jack Hackett

ATLANTA, GA — As the lights dimmed, local teen Sarah Greenberg settled into her seat at AMC Parkway Pointe. Ready to be enthralled for 2 hours, Greenberg soon found it difficult to text her friend Christine Poley when the man next to her began rudely watching the 8 p.m. showing of The Fate of the Furious.

“Can you believe the nerve of this guy? The joy in his eyes kept drawing my attention away from my phone screen,” growled Greenberg. “His incessant chuckling completely ruined my texting experience.”

After building up the courage, Greenberg politely asked the man to stop watching the movie and text on his phone like everyone else. The man refused and said to “stop making a scene” and to “get over it.”

“It boggles my mind that people like this exist,” exclaimed Greenberg. “This is why I don’t go to the movies anymore.”

Fed up, Greenberg left her seat to complain to management. Soon after, an usher came over and told the man if he didn’t start scrolling through Twitter that he’d be removed from the theater with no refund. The man obliged.

But as soon as the usher left, the man put his phone away and went right back to enjoying the action flick. Greenberg fumed in her seat for the rest of the movie, unable to devote all her attention to Poley’s boy troubles.

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