“Good for Them” Thinks Guy Walking Past FemFest

by Amanda Suarez and Kim Rogers

FOUNDER’S PARK — This past weekend USC hosted FemFest: a concert just for girls and their music. Girls love music.

Across the road, Rick Smith walked by on his way to the supermarket.

“Aw. Look at them,” he smiled pityingly as he chopped down a nearby tree and whittled himself a pipe out of the refuse.

“I appreciate what they’re doin’, ya know? It takes real cojones… Well, not literally, to put something like that together.” He chuckled knowingly. “Good for them though, playing their music or whatever. It’s cute!”

Rumors of Rick’s endorsement spread quickly. After hearing the news, the Student Activities Committee was very pleased and immediately began preparing next year’s FemFest.

They are in the planning stages currently, but there are rumors that they may give FemFest goers a full day next year instead of the .77 of a day they had this round. Rick, hearing the news, smiled and said it was the least he could do.