Trump Cites Crazy Rich Asians as Evidence that China is Winning the Trade War

by Melanie Hoffmann

President Trump caused controversy this week when he credited recent Hollywood blockbuster Crazy Rich Asians as evidence that China is winning the trade war.

At a rally in Alabama on Thursday, Trump announced “China is catching up! This trade war is so bad! They have a documentary, Crazy Rich Asians! We need more crazy rich Americans!”

Multiple Trump aides have come forward with details providing insight into the statement. Trump has alleged that Brooklyn native Awkafina, who has received praise for her comedic performance, is truly a spy working for China and is concerned by her growing influence in the pop culture landscape.

In response to Trump’s outburst, Alabama native Gerry Jacobs announced a boycott against the film, calling it “foreign propaganda.” When a Sack reporter attempted to tell Jacobs that Crazy Rich Asians was in fact being distributed by an American studio, Sarah Huckabee Sanders appeared with a white van and pulled him away.

A White House insider told Sack that President Trump is expected to make comment on October’s release of Beautiful Boy and it’s “dangerous promotion of the opiate crisis.”