Dear Mom: What’s the Netflix Password?

by Kim Rogers

Dear Mom,

    What’s the Netflix password? 

P.S. Running out of money. 🙂


Dear Michael,

     It’s either the dog’s name and your sister’s bday, or your sister’s name and the dog’s bday. IDK. But, while I have you!! How did that date with that girl go? I saw her in your Facebook. Does this mean you’ll stop leaving crusty socks in your laundry bin when you’re home? She’s cute. Use protection. LOL. I’m serious Michael. Don’t make me a grandmother at 50.

     BTW your sister is teaching me how to Twitter. Hashtag letter to my son. LOL. Have you called your cousin? It’s his birthday today. I posted a picture of you two taking a bath together on his wall, but I can’t figure out where your tag went.

     OH, and before I forget, how do I get the coupons out of the computer? I don’t want to bring my computer to the grocery store. It’s heavy. Your father can’t help me with this, he’s too busy trying to fix the gate. The neighbor’s dog keeps jumping into our yard. It was cute the first two times, but now I’m just cleaning up its doodoo. I thought I’d finished cleaning up other people’s doodoo when your sister stopped wearing diapers. LMAO. Also, after our trip to Europe your father keeps carrying around a satchel. Can you talk to him? I don’t want to hurt his feelings.

     Do you remember Leanne’s girl? She just got married to a physician. Tick tock Michael.

     Michael, are you eating alright? Don’t eat too much of that free pizza. Remember, it’s not really free, you pay for it in calories. I got that from Weight Watchers, isn’t it cute? You’re looking a little doughy. I sent you that cookbook for a reason, Michael. You should learn to make something that’s not grilled cheese. Your Facebook girl will like that.

     Alright honey, I love you. I put $100 in your account.