Extras Break Loose on Film Set, Ruin the Million Dollar Shot

by Jack Hackett and Thomas Marshall

HOLLYWOOD, CA–This morning on the production of John Wreck II: The Wreckoning, a pack of extras broke loose from holding, ruining a $1 million shot consisting of six car explosions, a subway derailment, and a Jack Nicholson cameo.

“They gnawed the locks off their cages,” exclaimed extras wrangler, Steve Irving, “I tried using fox tranquilizer to stop them, but they must be immune to it now.”

Producer Jeff Goldberg (co-executive producer of Jacobs Ladder III: The Final Rung) said, “It is paramount to our studio that incidents like this do not become a regular occurrence.”

However, according to other sources, herding extras is an almost universal problem across Los Angeles County.

Film history expert, Holly Woods went into detail about the history of problem extras: “making a movie is hard, and the only reason any dream works is because every piece falls into place. Meat props have been and always will be a problem.”

Latest reports place the extras somewhere in Encino looking for kraft services.

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