NASA Recalls Claim, Water On Mars Actually Just Leak In Rover

by Jack Hackett

HOUSTON, TX–On Monday September 28, 2015, NASA scientists verified the existence of water on Mars after a Georgia Tech student, Vicky Vickerson, discovered a puddle of water next to the Curiosity Rover.

“How convenient,” thought Vickerson.

Vickerson then forwarded her findings to the Chief Discovery Analyst, Cynthia Cershaw. Soon after receiving the email, Cershaw declared that there is indeed water on Mars.

Today, NASA recalled that claim after a brief system analysis proved the puddle was just hydraulic fluid leaking from the rover.

“Yeah, we sorta jumped the gun on this one,” said Cershaw. “It’s been a whole year, and nothing interesting has happened.”

The Curiosity Rover will continue on its indefinite journey to spot any sign of life on the red planet. It may have issues going over bumps due to it hemorrhaging hydraulic fluid.

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