Insurance Company Claims Bullet Wounds Are Pre-existing Condition

by Matt Abrahamson

HOSPITAL–The Jenkins family was shocked when they recently found out their insurance would not cover their son’s hospital bill after suffering serious injury due to a drive-by shooting.   The insurance company claims the bullet wounds the boy is recovering from were a pre-existing condition.

Father and husband Paul Jenkins is upset, as he does not recollect his child having gun shells in his chest prior to the injury. “I mean it could’ve been there,” states Paul.  “I just don’t have any proof I suppose.”

The uncertainty is the argument at which the insurance company looks to stand behind.  They claim that if the Jenkins family can come up with evidence that the holes in their son’s chest were not present previous to the hospital visit, then they would gladly pay for his treatment and recovery.  Until that day comes, there is nothing they can do, as they claim to have seen a high number of similar insurance scams in the past.

The Jenkins family insurance agent was unavailable for comment, as sources report he was too busy telling a widow she wouldn’t receive the life insurance from her husband’s death because he never truly “lived.”