Student Activists Protest Something Else that Won’t Get Changed

by Sasha Voth

Above: Helen plans on using her name and visual symbols to inspire others

USC — The USC Student Activists for a Better Tomorrow, More Equal Playing-field, and Liberation of the Oppressed (USC-SABTMEPLO) have started a new campaign of protests that will almost certainly lead to absolutely nothing.

Helen Hope, the leader of the organization wrote in her blog, Ruminations of Rambunctious Rebel, that “this protest is the most important one we’ve had, we’ve come so far but we still need to keep fighting the good fight.”

Hope, an undeclared junior, has taken part in four failed boycotts and twelve botched protests while at USC.  Her most successful protest was attended by fourteen students and managed to pass out hundreds of flyers which were promptly littered onto the ground.

This protest will undoubtedly follow suit.  However, Hope and her alliance will invariably stand on Trousdale once again in defiant protest.  Their protest will–why am I even wasting your time? You know it’s not gonna change anything.

When asked about the protest president Max Nikias shrugged his shoulders.  “Oh one of those again?  It’s good those kids are keeping busy with hobbies.”