Rain Brings Surge in Row-to-Campus Uber Trips

by Staff

While this week’s rain storms forced many USC students to skip class and stay home altogether, hundreds of enterprising north-of-campus residents have found a new way to get to school during inclement weather.

Sophomore Kappa Gillian Twissel told the Sack of Troy,  “Ordinarily, we would have just driven to campus.  But there was no parking available in any of the structures.”

A spokesperson from USC Transportation disclosed that all available parking permits for the Fall 2014 semester had been taken up by students commuting from the Lorenzo.

One anonymous Uber driver commented, “At first I was surprised that passengers we picked up on 28th Street wanted to go to this place called ‘campus.’  Usually 90% of our pick-ups are going to Bottega Louie.”

“This morning the only cars available were for Uber-X, so I just told my professor I was sick,” confided Twissel. “People might get the wrong idea about me if I rolled up to campus in a Toyota Camry!”

Because of the high demand for transportation, this week’s Uber fare is listed at 20 times higher than the usual rate, a whopping $20 per mile. But, one Kappa noted, “It was totally worth it! I had to get to Lemonade somehow.”

Due to desperation during these soaking times, even mustache-bearing car service Lyft has seen an exponential increase in requests. Nobody taking Lyft wanted to publicly comment that they were using the service- including the drivers.

Uber has already gained widespread acceptance among the student body and is here to stay.  Theta junior Katie Brownstead said, “Everyone is taking Uber these days.  It’s like Campus Cruiser for when you’re sober.”