Ask The Experts: Best Sex Positions For A Twin XL

By Audrey Serrano

According to certified sex therapist Dr. Cassidy White, Ph.D, “Even the highest of sex drives can be satiated on a twin XL.” If there’s one thing Sack has no shortage of, it’s sex. The Sack of Troy sat down with White to learn the best ways to get naughty in a twin XL. 

The greatest part about having sex in a twin XL is the “intensified intimacy” of being confined to a 38 x 80 inch mattress.  “Having your RA hear your every move and seeing your sneaky link in your 8 am discussion the next morning also makes it incredibly arousing,” White says. 

With the new school year in full swing, knowing the best sex positions for these extra-long single beds can help Trojans maximize their time at the so-called University of Seductive Classmates. So, the writers at The Sack of Troy decided to take Dr. White’s advice and put these positions to the test. Here are Sack’s five favorite ways to do the deed in a dorm room.

Prone Bone

Is your roommate in need of silence while editing her Daily Trojan article? “With prone bone, you get the deep-penetration of classic doggy without all the loud bouncing” notes White. Perfect for the paper thin walls of McCarthy (and for if asphyxiation turns you on)! 


“Fingers aren’t just for typing up term papers,” White explains. Often overlooked, a simple hand job is a great way to get down and dirty in your dorm. Some advice: pretend you’re coming home from sophomore year Spring Formal in the backseat of your mom’s 2009 Toyota Sienna. Hopefully your geography major situationship can locate the clit!


Named after the 2017 service trip to Haiti you wrote your Common App essay on, good ol’ missionary is your best friend when it comes to college hook-ups. “You already know how to do this one,” says White.

Jesus’ Second Coming

Fun props aren’t just for SDA students. If your bed is lofted, White suggests using handcuffs to attach your partner to the bottom of your bed frame, “crucifixion style.” In this position, you’ll have sex so kinky you’ll only be able to crawl to the Caruso Catholic center come morning!


Ask your BYU transfer roommate for the specifics of this position. Nicely.

Always remember to use a Trojan, Trojans!