Ilhan Omar Called Out For Blatant Anti-Semitism After Not Going to Cousin Josh’s Bar Mitzvah

By Drew Thomas-Nathan

MINNEAPOLIS, MN — Minnesota Congresswoman Ilhan Omar was once again called out by the American Jewish community for alleged anti-semitism after she callously neglected to attend Cousin Josh’s bar mitzvah last week.

This charge of anti-semitism is but the latest in several previously documented instances of Rep. Omar’s hateful rhetoric. These include describing pro-Israel lobbying group AIPAC’s outsized influence on Capitol Hill (she was right but it still hurt) and pointing out her primary opponent has rich Wall Street donors (who are also rich Wall Street Jews! Gotcha!)

Cousin Josh’s family is one of several out and proud Jewish families in Omar’s district. According to Cousin Josh’s mother Lisa Greenfield, Omar’s declined bar mitzvah invitation had to be a slight. “Who does she think she is?” said Greenfield. “Just because we don’t know her personally doesn’t give her an excuse to miss my son becoming a man.”

“Yeah I know she’s busy writing laws or whatever, but it still stings,” said Cousin Josh’s dad Lewis Greenfield, “When your representative spurns you simply because you’re Jewish, you have a right to get upset.” He says they were aware of Omar’s fraught history with the Jewish community when they invited the congresswoman to their son’s bar mitzvah. “It’s ironic ‘cause we thought this could be good PR for her, but I guess she just hates Jews too much.”

Several Jewish organizations have responded to the Greenfields’ situation. The Anti-Defamation League put out a statement calling Omar’s actions “disgraceful” and demanding “elected officials be willing to drop everything for a constituent’s bar/bat mitzvah no matter what.” The Louis D. Brandeis Center said that “anyone who flakes on dancing The Horah is a whore-a.” And said this incident makes Omar worse than the Nazis because “even Nazis know how to party.”

Lisa Greenfield said that more than anything else, she’s disappointed Omar missed out on all the fun. “We rented out the nicest banquet hall. We had this beautifu

l ice sculpture of a manatee, it’s Josh’s favorite aquatic mammal. Plus we had Goldman’s Deli, the best in town, cater the brisket. And the hype dancers! Ugh, so talented!” 

Omar’s office regretfully admitted via email that that does sound like a “good time.”