Dean Daley “Monitoring” the Bryan Singer Situation Like Freshman “Monitoring” his GPA

by Matt Hanisch

USC – Elizabeth Daley, dean of USC’s School of Cinematic Arts, responded to a petition to change the name of the Bryan Singer Division of Cinema and Media Studies with an email explaining that she is “monitoring” the situation. Freshman Joey Gunner began a similar “monitoring” process of his GPA when he realized how little he has studied for his upcoming finals.

Several film students created a petition “formally requesting that Bryan Singer’s name be removed from our Division of Cinema and Media Studies” in response to the many sexual harassment allegations against Singer. Dean Daley told the SCA community that she is aware of the situation and that she is “taking this matter very seriously.”

Freshman Joey Gunner also decided to seriously address another precarious situation: his GPA.

Gunner admits that when he signed up for organic chemistry and WRIT 150 in the same semester, he was setting himself up to fail.

“I’m not worried, though. I noticed something was wrong, so I’ve practically solved the problem already,” Gunner explained.

Even though Gunner has made sure his parents, classmates, and teachers know that he is very aware of the situation, he does not seem concerned about making any changes.

“I haven’t actually checked my grades in a while,” Gunner admitted, “but I got like a C- on my last chemistry test, so I’m probably in a pretty good place!”

As their respective situations crumble around them, both Daley and Gunner will sleep soundly, knowing they have done all they could.