Heartwarming! This Teacher Has a Handshake with Each of His Students and They Still Hate His Guts

by Hannah Ceselski

TRUMAN ELEMENTARY SCHOOL – Second grade teacher Kevin Wheeler isn’t like other teachers. He’s a cool teacher. That’s why he made up a special secret handshake with every single one of his students, much to their chagrin.

Every day before recess, Wheeler instructs his students to line up at the door to complete their handshakes one at a time, effectively wasting five minutes that could be better spent on the swings or monkey bars.

“My handshake is stupid!” said 8-year-old Tommy Spindler. “He gives me a fist bump that doesn’t even explode!”

Wheeler, however, is under the impression that the students enjoy the daily routine of double high fives and z-formation snaps. “I’m here to make a difference in these kids’ lives,” Wheeler said as he finally ushered his students out to the playground. “Some of them will never have a handshake like this again.”

“Good,” said resident smart aleck Casey Korrigan.

When the children return from recess, they can expect to find Mr. Wheeler sitting backwards in a chair and insisting that they call him “Mister Kev.”