Mattel Unveils New Dad-Bod Ken Dolls After Overwhelming Response to New Realistic Barbies

by Chris Dennis

MATTEL INC. — After so much positive support for their recent line of more realistic Barbies, Mattel has decided to continue riding the waves of body positivity, and unveil a new line of Ken dolls to match reality as well. Slim, sexy, flawless arm candy Ken is no more!

Say hello to the new and improved Dad-Bod Ken!

The new Dad-Bod Ken comes equipped with your average everyday open Hawaiian shirt that shows off Ken’s new hairy chest and well deserved beer belly.

Mattel has gone into further detail about the project, adding that when you purchase Dad-Bod Ken you will also get a beer can for his hand and a grill. Though for just a little more you can buy Dad-Bod Ken’s Man Den.

If this wasn’t enough for you, Dad-Bod Ken also has a new drawstring feature! Dad-Bod Ken comes equipped with all your everyday dad phrases that puts the real in realistic.

Some phrases include:

  • “Beer me.”
  • “You’re not going out dressed like that, young lady.”
  • “I’m not feeding the damn dog.”
  • “No, no. I love your pot roast, dear.”
  • “Damn. Where’d I leave the other flip flop?’
  • “Honey! We need more charcoal for the Green Egg!”
  • “Go to your room. I’m watching the game.”
  • “Listen to your mother.”

More models in the works are: Peaked in High School Ken, Mid-Life Crisis Ken, and Deadbeat Ken.