36 Year Old College Educated Male Learns Ponies are not Baby Horses

by Matt Abrahamson

Des Moines, IA – Greg Malone, a 36 year old chemical engineer and graduate from the Viterbi School at USC, with a wife and three kids, has recently learned that ponies are not actually just baby horses who one day will grow up to become a horse.

What is surprisingly embarrassing about Malone’s revelation is that he actually was raised around farmland.   His father owned a small shop in Fairfield, Iowa where he and countless other horses grew up.

Malone made the discovery while driving past a ranch with his wife on their way to watch their oldest son play baseball.  “When do you think those ponies are going to finally grow up?”  Gina, Greg’s wife, remembers him asking her.

“I never imagined something so idiotic would come out of my husband’s mouth.  We’ve been driving past that ranch for about ten years” Gina states, “I think the ponies have been there at least five of those years.”

It seemed that Greg Malone was waiting for an unspecified date for the ponies to grow, but that date never came because unbeknownst to Greg, horses and ponies are not actually the same, no matter how much you try to water them or milk them.