New Bike Parking System Deployed in Front of Leavey Library

by Staff

LEAVEY LIBRARY–Administrators have long sought a solution for USC’s chaotic bicycle parking. On average, 3.4 bikes fill every slot bike rack – lower than most third world universities. Hopefully, starting today, all that will change as DPS begins to enforce its trial “vertical parking” system at Leavey Library.

Director of Facilities Maintenance Wally Wang announced the program, noting, “ The pilot will begin at the hub of college social life: the library, so have absolute confidence that this system will catch on among students.”

Consultants recommended the new stacks for their “synergetic efficiency” and “innovative space-saving.” President Nikias even commented on the new system’s innovation. “It’s the USC way – you’ve got a problem with bike racks? You get rid of the bike racks.”

Depending on its success, the same scheme may be implemented in freshman dorms by Spring 2015.