Nikias Stages Bovard Sit-in

by Axel Hellman

Fed up with the University’s unwillingness to grant any concessions in the service workers’ contract, which currently is up for renegotiation, President C. L. Max Nikias began a controversial protest this morning.

The 62-year-old official decided to take a stand for workers’ rights, defiantly marching into his office above Bovard Auditorium, sitting down, and refusing to leave.

Despite the behests of DPS officers, Nikias continued to occupy the office, even when threatened with the revocation of his Town & Gown privileges. 

In an attempt to deter him from forcefully controlling the room all day, DPS also denied Nikias access to the 2nd floor women’s bathroom.

The office’s wifi service was shut off in order to prevent him from communicating with other activists.  For unknown reasons, USC Wifi was also shut down for other people as well, in other buildings, and on other days of the week.

The goal of the protest, according to a statement to the press, was to raise awareness for the service workers’ contract by disrupting business as usual at the university.  In heroic acts of civil disobedience, Nikias cancelled several meetings with student leaders and faculty.

Nikias said to reporters, “Enough is enough.  From this moment on, I am on a hunger strike.  I will starve myself until USC’s janitorial and culinary employees receive the benefits they deserve.  Or until Jonathan comes by with the lunch trolley.”