Troy Camp Nominates Itself As Most Philanthropic Organization On Campus

by Staff

Troy Camp, a USC organization self-described as “the oldest, best, and most diverse organization on campus” has recently named itself as “the most philanthropic organization on campus”, citing their devotion to rubbing their charity in other people’s faces.

When we spoke with the current president of Troy Camp, who prefers to be referred to as “The Second Coming to Jesus”, he said that it is important to give back to the community, but more important that USC know how amazing the people of Troy Camp are.

“It’s not really about the kids,” The Second Coming of Jesus said, “but more about us being known as the most charitable people here. We’re better than you and it’s important that you know that.”

Post-interview, The Second Coming of Jesus attempted to tutor me in 3rd grade English, to which I had to tell him that I was in fact reading English at a college level. He continued to “help me” nonetheless.

When the university got word of Troy Camp nominating itself as the most philanthropic organization on campus, they had to email the executive directors of Troy Camp to remind them that there was, in fact, no such competition that they could be nominated for. Troy Camp responded with a promo video.

Troy Camp, which organizes a week-long summer sleepaway camp for local schoolchildren, celebrated the award with a 3-week “leadership retreat.”