EVK Done Reminded Me of My Sweet Ol’ Mammy’s Cookin’ the Other Day

by Staff

Howdy, y’all!  Recently I been a-hootin’ and a-hollerin’ about how good the vittles been at EVK.  Sure is great that a feller can get grits and other such cookin’ that reminds me of back home in Arkansas.

I ain’t got no idea if its ‘cause our groceries done spoiled a little too much down on the farm, or ‘cause I been ‘customed to eatin’ roadkill meat, but the food at EVK sits right in my belly.

When I taste EVK’s delicious honey-glazed salmon, I reckon I’m being transported back to my log cabin down in the Arkansas swamps. And it tastes gamey an’ sweet like squirrel meat Mammy just done shot in the woods, yes sir!

Right now, I’m a-fixin’ to go down to EVK for some of their fine Southern delicacies.  They got fish, bar-be-cue, grits, okra, collards ‘n’ all the fixin’s.  Ain’t a bit of Northern food in sight.  That’s just a little bit o’ revenge for the War of Northern Aggression (Damn Yankees!).

Now you see, down in Dixie we got this dish called chitlins. You might say, “what in tarnation’s that?”  Well I’m glad you asked. See, we take out the guts and all them nasty parts of a hog or a cow, mix ‘em up, do this and that, and fry ‘em up, and they are darn near the best thing to eat on this side of the Mississippi.  Mammy makes them there hootenannies almost ever’ night.

I dunno if it’s just one of them coincidences, or plain ol’ luck that practically everthang in EVK seems to be made of the same hogs guts.  I love it!  EVK got the purtiest chitlin meat I ever saw.

Well, butter my butt and call me a biscuit, it’s lunchtime. I’s gone down to EVK.  See y’all there!