Architecture Student Escapes from Studio, Apprehended by DPS

by Staff

After spending 27 hours in a row gluing pieces of cardboard together to form an abstract polygon, architecture student Raymond Boidrovich attempted to escape from the confines of the architecture studio in Watt Hall, where he was being held prisoner.

According to Boidrovich, when interviewed in his cell, his masters at the architecture studio were being excessively cruel.  “They make us toil every day without end!” he said, “I decided to make a dash for freedom.”

Fellow inmate Steve Gupta recalled Boidrovich’s heroic flight, “It was amazing.  I thought that they had managed to crush all of our souls.  But not Raymond.  Somehow he passed the guards and left the building.”

Gupta continued, “We all started to cheer.  But then the guard cracked his whip and shouted, ‘back to work!’”

Boidrovich reached the doors of Watt Hall at around 2 pm.  It was the first time in weeks that he had seen the daylight.

The direct sunlight dazed him so much that it took him a minute to adjust to its brightness, which allowed DPS officers to stop him.
When confronted by the officers, Boidrovich waved around a crude sharp implement or shiv that he had fashioned from his architecture supplies.

However, Boidrovich was quickly captured by the DPS officers and disarmed.

He was escorted back to his architecture dungeon at 2:05 pm, whereupon his masters commanded him to make a discrete linear/planar comparison model organized with respect to tetrahedral volumetric pseudo-surfaces, which would extend his sentence by approximately 2 weeks.

He was last seen staring at a computer working on Autocad, with what little remained of his spirits melting away into oblivion.