Cocaine Bear Spotted with Emily Ratajkowski

By Sarah Cortina

NEW YORK, NEW YORK — This past weekend, supermodel Emily Ratajkowksi was spotted with Cocaine Bear. 

In recent months, Ratajkowski has been seen with men among the ranks of Pete Davidson, Brad Pitt, and Eric Andre. Ratajkowski has reportedly moved onto someone who keeps her young as Cocaine Bear’s habits. “‘reminds her of me of my  early modeling days, Ratajkowski mused. 

Cocaine Bear and Ratajkowski were most recently spotted at Carbone, with her enjoying a carbonara and Cocaine Bear dining upon roasted bone marrow. A close friend of Ratajkowski revealed that the two have “been hanging out a lot”. “They really enjoy each other’s company” and are “seeing where things go”. 

Following deeper investigation, it was revealed that Cocaine Bear was actually just Harry Styles underneath his Grindr alias. 

Cocaine Bear is Property of Universal Pictures

Emily Ratajkowski at Emmy Awards 2016 by Rogue Artists, CC BY 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons