Boy Scout Becomes Man Scout

By Rachel Michelman

PROVO, UT – After graduating from high school and the Eagle Scouts, Elijah Whitmore has been inducted into Brigham Young University (BYU)’s Man Scouts.

The Man Scouts were established at BYU after a group of former Boy Scouts met at a rootbeer float tasting in the resident hall. “I think we all just missed the B.S., you know? The knot tying, popcorn selling, and the minimal pride you feel after getting awarded each badge and fully acknowledging that you peaked at 15,” said Man Scout Leader Gerry Broseman. “And come on, who doesn’t love waking up at 6:00 a.m. to go chop wood after sleeping the whole night in a moldy bunk room!”

The Man Scouts meet biweekly and continue the Boy Scout tradition of doing activities for badges. However, their badges, hand-embroidered by their mothers, lean toward more mature activities like setting up a credit card and finding out if their health insurance is handled like a PPO or an HMO. This coming Tuesday, the Man Scouts plan on cooking a meal that includes all five food groups.

Whitmore has enjoyed his Man Scout experiences so far: “I love soaking in the experiences the Man Scouts give. Each day brings on a new form of brotherhood. Yesterday, my fellow Plebeian Scout and I wrote recommendations for each other on LinkedIn.” The Man Scouts have three ranks so far: Plebeian Scout, Dungeon Master, and S Rank (Scoutmaster Rank).

To join the Man Scouts, one must know Morse code fluently, call their parents daily, and be able to recite the entire alphabet, backwards four times, while doggy paddling in a lake.