From the Archives: Triangle Shirtwaist Factory Rated One of Best Places to Work

February 10, 1911

NEW YORK CITY, NY – Life’s a buzz for the lovely ladies of Manhattan’s Triangle Shirtwaist Factory as Garment Workers Monthly Magazine awarded the factory the city’s most dilly place to work.

The Triangle Team seems prepared for any situation that could hit them. According to floor manager Humphrey Hughes, “Our productivity increased tenfold just by locking doors to the stairwell. We don’t have to worry about the broads stealing fabrics or taking breathers on the stairs without permission anymore!”

Many factory workers rave about the benefits of the workplace. “I love the view from the tenth story windows!” said Anna Marie Abrams, a fabric cutter. “It’s wonderful to see all the people looking up at us from below.”
We here at The Sack of Troy cannot wait to see what the Triangle Shirtwaist Factory has to offer next. No matter what it is, we’re sure they’ll smoke out the competition in March.