Aw!!! Guy You Hooked Up With Last Summer Who Didn’t Wear A Condom Because It’s “Uncomfortable” Just Posted The Politico Infographic On His IG Story!

By Kathy Thach

NEW YORK, NEW YORK — Local woman Cassie Jackson was shocked and angered after logging onto Instagram to discover her pushy summer fling had posted an infographic about the overturning of Roe v Wade on his story.  “I just wanted to see if he was posting about his new girlfriend on his story, but THIS was how I had to find out? I mean, I had to BEG him to use a condom when we hooked up, and he had a whole bucket of them from being a RA!” said Jackson, shaking her head. “He literally made me Venmo him back for the Plan B because ‘Feminism bruh, so we’re equal.’”