New FAFSA Form Simply Asks Question “Do You Ski”

By Sarah Cortina

VAIL, COLORADO — Multiple college seniors were denied collegiate financial aid after answering ‘yes’ on the 2022-2023 federal aid application form whose questionnaire has been succinctly shortened to ask the simple question “Do you ski?”

The individuals behind FAFSA, or the Free Application for Federal Student Aid, decided to opt away from their lengthy survey and tax forms by replacing it with a question they believed would give the government, or just anyone who wants to determine their friend’s financial status, all the information needed to determine financial standing. However, some individuals have remained confused as to why they were denied financial aid, Sean James, a senior at Vail Mountain School, being one of them. 

“Yeah, I just was like, really confused. I don’t get it. Like doesn’t everyone grow up skiing? I mean, everyone here has. So like, I just assumed that it was the norm. I mean, my parents said I just shouldn’t apply for FAFSA because I wouldn’t get it, but I don’t get why? We’re just like every average family in Vail.” He sneezed, wiped his nose on his Moncler coat, and trotted back onto the slopes in his Helly Hansen snow pants. 

Given the aptitude of this year’s forms, FAFSA will begin piloting forms containing the questions “Where are you going for spring break?” and “Where, if at all, does your dad golf?”