Therapist Has Seen Way Worse Imposter Syndrome Than Yours

By Joshua Wolk

LOS ANGELES – Last Friday, your therapist had her license revoked after breaking client confidentiality to declare your imposter syndrome is nothing compared to your much more impressive peers. 

“It was no easy decision,” explained your therapist in between puffs of her Cuban cigar, sprawled on her chaise. “On one hand, I had an obligation to uphold the ethical code of my esteemed field. On the other, I had an obligation to the world to expose you as the fraud you are.” Now disbarred, she has become the Edward Snowden of therapists: abandoned by country but supported by truth.

Studies show that you are not even that bad, just dreadfully average. Your peers do not judge you and they do not laugh at you because they do not care about you. You are not perceived. You are a fly on the wall. Scratch that. You are the wall.

A new Pew survey finds 87% of accomplished people have imposter syndrome. It also finds that when forced to finally consider your existence, all accomplished people are in firm agreement that you are not one of them. 100% of accomplished people think you should definitely quit. Whatever you’re doing, just give up. You only feel like an imposter because you actually are one.