SDA Cuts “I Hope I Get It” From Chorus Line Production

LOS ANGELES, CA – Addressing concerns for the upcoming production of A Chorus Line, School of Dramatic Arts Dean Emily Roxworthy sent an email Wednesday confirming that while none of the roles would be precast, she would be cutting the song “I Hope I Get It.”

“It’s far and away Chorus Line’s most iconic song, and it really captures the uncertainty of being an artist—but frankly I think it’s a song we could do without,” said Roxworthy, in reference to the joyous predictability of live theatre. “Times are uncertain enough already, don’t we want a little more certainty in our lives? The comforting, inescapable certainty of knowing exactly what’s going to happen before you even get a chance to audition?”

Roxworthy concluded her email with, “Certain schools of thought say that ALL our actions are predetermined. We’re all actors in the grand play of life, playing roles we didn’t ask for and didn’t even audition for. There’s no small parts, only small actors—of which contain our BA cast who are not assured casting in the production like the BFA students.”

As Roxworthy states, “For this reason, we have decided to replace the song with “Totally Fucked” from Spring Awakening.”

Bing Theatre. Credit: USC Thornton School of Music.