Area Woman a Libra Sun, Taurus Rising, Narcissist

By Mia Young

ALBANY, NY – Area woman Janet Craig is not only a Libra sun and Taurus rising, but she is also a narcissist.

Janet in an interview stated that her Libra sun makes it so that she’s charming and likable (which is why she’s so good at flirting), and her Taurus rising highlights her creative yet self indulgent side (which is why she’s an amazing singer, dancer, and rhythm guitarist). She also noted that her 5th house in Scorpio means that she’s an “exuberant lover.”

Her boyfriend Steven disagreed, pointing out her self-obsessive tendencies. But in her own defense she responded, “See, the reason for that is actually because my Jupiter is in Leo. Nebula says it’s common for us to have ‘streaks of ego’ and ‘an inability to take responsibility for their own actions,’ so it’s really not my fault.” She then proceeded to call him an “asshole fire sign” with a “weak moon placement.”

According to her best friend Sarah, “All she ever talks about is ‘analyzing her tropical natal chart’ and ‘deconstructing her sidereal chart’ and ‘exploring her midheaven in Capricorn in her 10th house.’” She also stated that, “One time she fucked my boyfriend and blamed it on Mercury being in retrograde?” 

Aside from fucking other people’s boyfriends, she also enjoys mirrors as they are “a portal into a more spiritual world.”