Group Email Sent Specifically to Remind One Person

By Rachel Michelman

LOS ANGELES, CAA group email sent out to twelve different people last Monday was actually only sent for the purpose of reminding one specific person.

The woman who sent the email, Melissa Davidson, decided to send the email because “It’s always so annoying how Alan says he’ll be there for a Zoom meeting, and then proceeds to skip it! He’s flakier than my ex-boyfriend I met on an online dating app, who wouldn’t let me video call him, asked me to send him money, and kept changing his flights for when he said he was going to visit me from Turkey.”

“Alan” is 41-year-old Alan Barnes, renowned for RSVPing “Yes” and never fulfilling his promises to be there.

“We’ve shared Google Docs, followed up on emails, and sent calendar invites, and nothing works,” said Davids, a colleague who is constantly annoyed by Alan not doing the bare minimum like her. “It’s like he’s doing this on purpose to avoid his responsibilities.” When asked to comment, Barnes responded with “Oh, I’m totally doing this on purpose. I see the emails and respond to them, but when it comes time to actually do what’s said in the email, all I can think is ‘no.’”

Barnes has been notified that he faces termination if he skips any further meetings without a valid excuse. Since then, he posted on Twitter asking, “Anyone have any valid excuses for skipping meetings?” No responses as of yet.