Local Girl Isn’t Young Or Old Enough To Justify Saying Oopsie Daisy

By Alexandra Ornes

KNOXVILLE, TN – Local 17-year-old girl Samantha Lange shocked friends on Friday with the use of the expression “oopsie daisie,” seeing as she is not old enough or young enough to justify using the phrase under any circumstances. 

“I just couldn’t believe she actually said it,” said her best friend, Leslie Fredericks. “It’s just not ok for anyone our age to say that word. Maybe if we were younger, or if we were close to death, but now it just makes it all too uncomfortable, too uncool. I don’t know where or if our friendship can go from here.”

“I think I just misread the vibe of the room,” said Lange, after quickly leaving her friends out of embarrassment. “I’ve heard my little sister say it, and she doesn’t get shunned. And my grandma says it all the time! I just hate being in between both worlds. It’s like purgatory that I won’t get out of until I’m old enough to be practically dead.”

“I don’t get the big fuss!” said Henrietta Lange, Samantha’s grandmother. “I say it all the time and it’s completely normal. I don’t understand young people these days, with their new social norms. When I was their age I was saying a lot worse than oopsie daisie… like holy guacamole. Now THAT was embarrassing.” 

In her apology, Lange stated: “I just want to move forward from this absolutely horrendous experience. I mean, Jiminy crickets! A girl tries her best… wait… please don’t tell anyone I said that. Dear god, please!! This will ruin me.”