“Wow, It’s Just Like Parasite!” Says Los Feliz Dad Who Owns Not One, But Two Lexuses

By Charlotte Phillipp

LOS FELIZ, LOS ANGELES — The situation in the White House is exactly like Bong Joon-ho’s “Parasite,” according to Thomas Carter, a Loz Feliz father who owns two Lexuses and a home valued at $3.2 million.

It’s unclear exactly what he means by this and what situation he’s referring to within the Trump administration, but he had doubled down on his claim that the premise of the film where a low-income family infiltrates the house of a wealthy family is a perfect parallel to current White House relations.

Carter, a registered Democrat, 51-year-old father of three and corporate lawyer for The Cheesecake Factory Restaurants, Inc., was insistent that there are extreme similarities between the class struggles represented in the film and the way that two extremely wealthy political families were campaigning for office.

“I loved Parasite! Well, Trump is the poor dad that scams his way into becoming the driver, and Ivanka is the wife who kicks the old housekeeper down the stairs,” Carter said. “And the Bidens are the architect guy and his wife! Their own home is being used right under their noses.”

The film clearly shows the divide between the wealthy and working classes, so it’s particularly unclear why Carter is attempting to make a comparison between the two, as neither the Trumps nor the Bidens are working class.

According to Carter, Baron is clearly the former housekeeper’s husband who is living in the cellar. Carter refused to specify his reasoning for this.