Main Character Knows Just What to Do

by Sydney Sanchez

It’s Thursday night, and Season 2 Episode 3 of your favorite television show is on. You watch through the first 15 minutes, and all of a sudden, a massive plot point happens! You don’t have to worry, however, because Ms. Protagonist knows just what to do!

Phew, close call! If Bad-Man Antagonist didn’t do X, then the rest of our team would be fine. But X did happen, and it seems like the gang has no idea what to do. The team tried A, B, and C. They even contacted a person from Season 1 Episode 2!

In a moment of complete chaos, the Protagonist says, “Wait, wait, guys…I know just what to do!”

Motherfucker, a commercial break?! Right now?! You start to think of all of the things that Ms. Protagonist might say, but an advertisement for the new Dog movie pops up. This time Dog can talk and fly. Hot Boy Craig the weather man comes on to tell you about possible flooding this weekend. Not now Hot Craig, it’s time to see what our team is going to do!

Finally! Ms. Protagonist gives our team a solution that was foreshadowed in the first 5 minutes of the episode. Of course! How did you not think of that?